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Competitor Backlink Analysis - What is it and Why Does it Matter.
So, just because you can build a lot of links to your website, it doesnt automatically mean your rankings will improve. This is just one of the many Google updates through the years against spammy and weak links people build for their sites. So, its in your best interest to build high quality niche relevant links pointing to your website and reap the rewards of higher organic search positions for your keywords. Among the different backlink strategies, competitor link analysis gives you the best shot of achieving higher rankings. The process helps you identify backlinks that helped your competitors rank on search engines in your industry. The last part is vital because you need to consider the relevance of the domain linking back to your site.
4 Ways to Steal Competitors'' Backlinks: A Quick, Hands-on Guide.
Refer to your core brand message to find your voice in the market and beat your competitor with the added value that only you can provide. Monitor Backlinks also has another nice feature on your competitor backlinks list, called Common Backlink.
Competitor Backlink Analysis: A-Z Guide with Tracking Template.
This information can help you avoid investing a ton of time and money into link building campaigns that have little to no chance of success. It's' kind of like having your own secret crystal ball. Ok, let's' dive in! Step 1 - Find top linked-to" competitors i.e. Before you can start replicating tactics, you first need to find competitors who have a proven track record of landing quality links. Im going to run through a process for doing this but first, let me ask you a question.: Are you trying to build links to a specific already-existing page, or to your site in general? The competitor backlink analysis process will differ slightly depending on your answer.
How To Steal Your Competitors Backlinks and Outrank Them - TheLifeTech.
Step 1 Build a list of your competitors and analyze their sites. This is the first and most important step toperform competitor analysis. Find at least 3 to 5 competitors along with their websites URL. If you tryto analyze your top 10 competitors, youll get confused with a lot of backlinks and cant figure out your competitors strategy properly.
How To Find Your Competitor's' Backlinks.
Which one you choose can depend on whether you are tracking domain-level backlinks or page-level backlinks. For this example we will choose links to the exact URL which will display all the page-level backlinks for that page. Next click on the filters notification settings and scroll down to the section on how you would like to be alerted. I recommend choosing the setting for instant email alerts every time a result is found. Finish by clicking create alert. You will now be notified by email the second a new backlink shows up for your competitors. Monitor your competitors brand mentions in real time. Tracking competitor brand mentions can be a great way to uncover more potential backlink opportunities for your website. A competitor brand mention is defined as any time your competitors brand is mentioned online. By tracking these mentions you can find websites that are covering your competitors that you can target for coverage of your brand.
How to check competitor backlinks - Full 2022 guide.
How we use this information to check competitor backlinks. Once we have gone through the above and can now use the backlink analysis section. The process is reasonably simple but is a job which is not quick to do. And you need to keep a keen eye on the data. Sadly, one flaw with Serpstat is that it still doesnt give you the option to filter the links by the metrics within the software itself. As a default it shows the referring domains at the top that refer the highest number of pages to the site. This is not the best way of doing it in my mind, just because a site has more links it doesnt make it the best domain to gain links from. Instead we export all of the information into excel. From there we will use the filter option on the top row which contains the titles. The information that is exported includes Domain, Number of backlinks, Serpstat Trust Rank, Serpstat Page Rank, the date the link was first found and the Alexa rank for the website.
Guide to Checking Competitors Backlinks The Easy Way.
A2, MID A2, FIND: A2, 4 3, FIND, A2, 9 - FIND: A2, 4 - 3, MID A2, FIND: A2, 4 7, FIND, A2, 9 - FIND: A2, 4 - 7. Assuming the Linking page is on A2, this would be the formula to be put into B2 cell. For the Occurrences column, insert this formula to check how many times a certain page URL has occurred in the spreadsheet. COUNTIF B B: B2. Now you can sort the Occurrences column by descending order to display the highest to lowest number of occurrences. Resource pages, for example, linking to three or more of your competitors have a higher probability of linking to your content when you pitched for link requests. Ahrefs Link Intersect. For link builders who have a higher subscription plan than the Lite plan of Ahrefs, you are authorized to use their link intersect tool. Simply follow the process shared by Tim Soulo in this tutorial video.: Determine Link Approaches of Competitors. The next thing that you can do after getting backlinks from co-cited pages is to analyze how your competitors were able to get links in your industry.
Guide: How To Spy On Your Competitors'' Backlinks Effectively.
Sometimes, its okay to spy on your competitors to see if youre doing it right or you might have missed a strategy that can change your whole approach on winning links. In this post, Ill show you how to spy on your competitors backlinks effectively. Using Excel, Ill help you determine what link building strategy your competitors do and choose what you can implement on your website. Determine the right competitor.

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